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Unlawfulness Shooting the Burglar in your house. Mistake Remember in the last article on “Criminal Law Made Simple” , the crime equation was Crime= (Actus Rea i.e. Legal/Factual Causation/Novus) + (Mens Rea i.e. Intention/Recklessness)-Lawfulness) . I will deal with unlawfulness in cases of a  mistake which will help explain this element. English sources agree that if an accused [...]

Jurisprudence Made Simple Studying Jurisprudence is nightmare to many a student. I will attempt to remove the myth that one cannot enjoy studying it. I will layout basic concepts which will increase the student’s appetite for the subject. Jurisprudence has the answer to todays hot topic like legalising gay marriages, euthanasia,   consent to harm or [...]


Copyright law made simple.

by knowalll on February 26, 2013

Intellectual Property Law Copyright law made simple. Copyright law Problems If you are to tackle a copyright law problem  as student, lawyer or police officer it is important to understand the Copyright Law from a broader perspective. One must understand how copyright seeks to resolve a dispute. It must be also  be understood that copyright is more [...]


Criminal Law Made Simple

by knowalll on February 23, 2013

Criminal Law Problems What is Criminal Law How do you answer a criminal law question in an exam / assignment or If I am arrested where do I begin to defend myself? How can I establish that someone has committed an offence where he or she may be arrested? All these are question which come to [...]